What's next?

This is the question on so many peoples lips. The guidelines hope to keep close ones safe while helping couples plan their big day. However policies, contracts and bookings filling up with suppliers is making things so much harder.

As with many others, this is a huge learning curve for me to guide couples to an outcome that ensures they have their day. I've pulled together a few tips that I hope will help you in your plans:

Moving dates

The big decision: do you go ahead with the 15 people allowed over the next six months, have a party later on or postpone for a bigger wedding. The main thing to keep clear is to not feel pressured into doing something for others. What do you want deep down? If you feel more comfortable with an intimate ceremony and celebrations then this is perfect for you. If you love the party scene and happy to have more guests (especially the larger families) then postponing maybe the best option. The other debate that some couples are having is that they are not too sure either way- feel free to reach out to wedding planners and talk to a third party. They are a great sounding board to go through options and remove the pressures you may get from those close to you.


This might frustrate some but please don't feel pressured into booking anything you won't need for your day. The reflection of the pandemic has helped many couples look at things in more detail. Focus on the ones you really want and check their bookings to see if they can commit to fulfilling your order. If they are unavailable, see if they can recommend someone who could help.

These times are hard, challenging and uncertain what the future holds. However we do have some answers for the upcoming months and hope that things take a turn for the better early 2021.

All we can do is to support each other as much as possible and be kind.

I'm here to chat and help where I can. Take care and stay safe all.

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