Timey Wimey

Can you guess I'm a Dr Who fan?!

Thought that would make a nice little ice breaker. There is a reason for the title, I wanted to chat today about time and it being quite precious.

You see, over the short time of me being a professional photographer, I have experienced so many wonderful shoots from weddings to events. However there is something that bugs me....a lot.

There are a lot of 'influencers' who get in contact who seem to think they can 'save my business' or 'get me noticed'. It's interesting that they think that. For one, my business is ok. I have a full time job which has luckily kept me going however my plans to go full time with my photography has been put back. But I'm ok, I really am. It terms of getting noticed.....maybe I'm happy with the pace I'm going at. In actual fact, I am happy with this pace. I can manage my time easily and it's great to be able to work with other creatives who are on the same page as me.

I know everyone loves a freebie, however a number of influencers don't seem to realise how much work goes into a shoot of any sorts. On average I spend 6hrs editing a one hour shoot. Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less. Not only that, you have the hour shoot itself, travel time and don't forget the prep work before it! In total you are looking at about 10hrs + for a shoot they want you to do for free.

In all honesty, if someone approached you to work a shift for free to give you followers would you do it? Even in these times, it's crazy that there are a few who are still pitching 'exposure' as a form of payment. What they don't advise others is that they end up making money off of the work you do. So my answer is thanks, but no thanks.

My preference is to work with those I know, trust and want to have fun. We come up with ideas together and have a mutual agreement. With particular shoots, I will end up paying for some models or studio time and that's completely fair.

So please, if you are classed as an 'influencer' and want to work with me then there will be a cost. We have to work together and support where we can otherwise who knows what will happen to many industries over the next couple of years if things continue like this.

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