And so it continues...

Looking back over the last few months still seems like a really bad dream. COVID has well and truly turned our lives upside down in ways we couldn't imagine.

At every point there seems to be new blockers, new processes and confusion that stops us from doing what we used to do. For example, the wedding bookings I had in the diary have been moved or completely cancelled along with a number of events I normally document. I've missed the interactions of others, especially now that I have been serviced (a term my dad has used since my operation) and I could really let my hair down rather than watch everything I did.

The first couple of months where the hardest. I spent my birthday in the flat with the cats; although I did enjoy a virtual birthday celebration with the family and other half. Then came a couple of other big news items that I had been waiting for- cue more virtual celebrations which where quite epic. After a couple of months I really hit the wall. Thankfully Gavin, the other half, was able to come and stay with me which has turned into him moving in permanently over the next few weeks.

I've also spent time on me. Reading, studying and attempting to get fitter. The way I'm looking at the climate is that there are two options:

1) not do anything and feel awful everyday

2) look at what can be done and what I want to achieve within the limits I have

Don't get me wrong, there are really bad days and being stuck doing similar things can get very tedious but that's where I'm thinking how can I enjoy things?

I've done some amazing pictures during this period of time as it's allowed me to take time to really think about what I want to capture and put into practice the new skills I've learnt. It's the best thing to do from a photographers perspective otherwise you end up getting really rusty and that's not the best thing for when things begin to pick up!

This is still a challenging time for all and has impacted people in many different ways. It's stressful and scary not knowing what will come next so please be patient and kind to others. You never know what situation they are in.

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