What a year

Wow! This year has been incredible! I'm going to be honest, when I started 2018 I wasn't in the greatest place. I went through a huge change in my personal life which left me by myself for the first time ever and that has taken some getting used to. Everyone has personal challenges that can hit at any moment and you are not ready. In this case, I really wasn't ready.

In February I was ready to pack up my kit, sell it off at a huge loss and just give up. I had nothing in me to keep going. Then something told me to reach out to the Guild of Photographers. I took a deep breath, a sip of wine and posted the hardest post I have ever done. The response and support from the group was so overwhelming; I couldn't believe it. In just moments I had people offering advice, a chance to meet up and just talk. Fast forward to now and I have found my mojo again. This year I have covered weddings. festivals, families, bumps and baby reveals. I have made some wonderful new friends who have supported each of my ideas and been so patient while I find my feet.

I also took the plunge and jumped in front of the camera to have some new pictures of me. Something I really need to do more of.

Normally at this time of year, you decide resolutions to set you up for next year. I'm going to be doing something a bit different. Over January, I will be tackling one heck of a to do list of things that have been pushed back for so long. Things that weren't quite urgent but really need doing.

As I get ready for a busy couple of months, it's time to reflect back on my year. So here I go:

- I captured some amazing weddings and was asked to second shoot alongside my friend Dom. Congratulations to all who tied the knot this year!

- I started work in an awesome studio to practice my portraits; huge thank you to Amy, Matt, Dom and Charlie for being my models and a huge thank you to Andrew to helping me where I really needed it!

- I conquered my own fears of being on camera (taking a selfie doesn't count in this case). My own confidence has been knocked but now coming back

- Have gained new friends who I'll be working with over the next few months

- Finally found the confidence to go ahead with the wedding style shoot and had so much fun! Itching to plan another one!

And that's just a snap shot! Couldn't help myself there!

Have a great New Year whatever you have planned! A final thank you to all who have been a part of my journey this year and me being part of theirs!

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