Part 3- Getting wedding ready: how I work

Weddings are such a beautiful time for a couple to come together in front of family and friends to share their special moment to remember for years to come.

Lately, I've had some great questions come up that I wanted to share with you all. You may find this useful when selecting your photographer and quite possibly a videographer.

Before the wedding

In my previous blog, I talked about my style and a bit about how I work. After working on a few weddings and big events I have learnt what has worked well (and not so well):

-Contracts are a must. Always make sure you sign one before the booking goes ahead

-I take time to sit down with clients and go through in detail about shot lists, what needs to be captured and what should be left

-Checking through additional options available- I offer clients a chance to purchase additional hours before the big day; a few times I have been asked to stay a bit longer but my rate will be the full amount on the day

-Check, check and check the information. I like to keep track of who will be my main point of contact on the day in case I need anything in particular and to also point out who needs to be in the next group shot

During the wedding

Although I'm very flexible, the day of the wedding will be your time and won't be the chance for me to question things with the couple. So the before bit is very important to me to get right. During the wedding, I have a few key things I keep to before 'shooting off' at the end of the day:

-Checking in with the point of contact and going through the shot list as we go along

-During down time, I will check back through pictures and flag up any that have been missed

- I will highlight the 'key ones' as much as possible; I will try my best to grab these shots but weather, running order of the day and sometimes other obstacles can prevent them from happening

After the wedding

I normally share around 5 images with couples so these can be shared on social media. Once the others are ready, I upload to an online gallery for review and a chance to add notes on any that may need to be re edited. This gallery will be low resolution and will have my logo on them.

Once the gallery has been fully approved, the final high resolution images will be made available for the couple to download.

Other options will include a private gallery for friends and families whereby you can select which images to share with them; they will also have the opportunity to purchase images to be printed through my supplier.

If there is anything you would like to know more about or would like to meet in person, then feel free to get in touch either by email or by phone 07833 313237.

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