Part 2- Getting wedding ready: my style

Since such a young age, I have always had a huge interest in photography. My close family members work in the media so it seemed fitting I follow in their footsteps in Journalism. However it became clear in my teenage years that I was more of a hands on creative type rather than a writer. Over my adult years, after uni, I picked up the camera on a regular basis starting with a compact and then moving onto my first DSLR. It was the best thing I ever did. After taking pictures of nearly everything I could, I realised I wanted more so I invested what I could into training , joining online groups and going out with friends; using them as models.

This brings us to the last two years. After building up experience, understanding my new camera (I decided to upgrade after the camera breaking in Iceland) I was asked to do a few weddings for friends, then family shoots, food festivals and portraits. I have trained with some of the best photographers in the country who have inspired me to develop my style to what you see today.

I love bringing the colours to life from the day and converting to black and white for those special moments as I love the impact that black and white has on pictures. I love the interesting/ random moments from kids being caught off guard to family members greeting each other. I am quite relaxed but my bossy side does come out during the group shots as timing is key during this bit of a wedding.

I am very much a documentary style photographer and don't tend to go for the full on setup with staged shots. However I have a few projects in the pipeline that will enhance my skills in this area and will be something I will be offering from 2019; as they this space!

When it comes to picking a photographer to capture your moments, I would suggest taking time to check out their social media pages. This is a great way to see how they have evolved and progressed through the years.

If you aren't into my style, then that is ok. I really don't mind. I know some other wonderful photographers around the area who I would love to recommend:

Families/ newborns:

-Miranda Walton:

-Lisa Wildgoose: (families, weddings and children)


-Simon J Turner:

-Lisa Wildgoose: (families, weddings and children)

Portraits/ other:

-Richard Pucci:

-Aaron Neil:

-Darren Skidmore:


-Dominic Tucker:

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