Part 1-Getting wedding ready: the costs

Firstly, a huge congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! The planning stage can be the most exciting time leading up to your big day, but can also be one of the toughest as you start the selection process for your cake, photographer and, of course, the wedding parties outfits.

Choosing your photographer is a huge challenge, there are so many of us out there with different styles and we work so differently. In four blogs, I will be talking more about the way I work, my particular style, planning with your photographer and an insight into the overall costs of what is included.

So, let's start with the tough one-costs. When looking into budgets, it's always best to check the following with your photographer before confirming your booking:

-What the contract covers

-Your final package details

-What additional support, meetings and added extras your photographer will offer

-Deposit to secure your date


With most bookings with a photographer, yours will include:

-Capturing certain parts of the day that you have agreed

-Editing of images

-Personal service leading up to the day and following your big day

-Continuous two way communication

-Meeting at the venue before your big day

I will be talking a bit more about how I work in my second blog; to give you a taster, I also offer a private online gallery for you to review and approve your images before being released to you as well as a friend and family version where you will be able to select your images to share with them (more on this later).

As mentioned earlier, each of us offer something different and our pricings reflect that based on length of time, location, if a second shooter is required (the larger the wedding party, the more likely assistance will be required), print items such as a cavas or photo album may be included. Most important of all is experience. I have been lucky enough to train with some of the top wedding photographers in the country who feature in bridal magazines and have won awards. They are inspiring, creative and motivate me to produce high quality images each time.

As with all businesses, photographers also have certain overheads to cover such as insurance, kit repair, kit servicing, travel and also time to spend on admin (yay!) as well as time on each booking to check everything is all set for your final images. However we know how important budgets are for our clients.

There is a lot to take in during the selection process and I hope these blogs help you in deciding who you want to book. I do offer a couple of bits of advice before confirming any bookings:

1) Check through websites and social media accounts. This gives a great insight into all types of galleries as well as the type of photographer they are

2) Make sure you are comfortable with any bookings less than £500 for over 8hrs coverage. I've personally had a few contacts who went with photographers charging less than £500 who ended up not having any insurance and produced only a handful of images of poor quality.

3) It's your day. Don't feel pressured into anything. Take your time and go with the one you really like. These pictures will be yours to remember your big day for years to come.

Thank you for taking time to read this and hopefully you have found it beneficial. The next one will feature the way I work.

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