Hi there

Meet the face behind PCP

Thank you for taking time to look around my site and consider me for your booking. My name is Anna and I am the lady behind the camera capturing anything from parties to weddings to portraits.

I often get asked why Purple Cat....I honestly didn't know what to call myself when I started to take more pictures and thought this is something I want to take further. My name really didn't fit and I tried so many different things to try to make it work.....but it wouldn't. Then one day I got chatting to a friend and it was simple. What did I like? The colour purple and cats; Purple Cat photography was born! 

The beginning

Let's go back to the start

I'm still quite new to the photography scene in the professional capacity; saying that I have been snapping away since the age of five when my dad let me have a go on his old Kodak. When the prints came back many days later, I remember my dad saying "Margaret, she has an eye for this". But it wasn't until the recent years I decided I wanted to get serious. In 2016 I began investing in something I believed I could make a success of, which brings me to today. After using friends and family as subjects and helping out at events, I've become more of an event photographer with weddings on the increase. I also cover portraits and families while working on my own personal projects to continue to grow.

So why me?

Honesty is the best policy

Finding that perfect photographer does take time and I never pressure anyone into booking me at first point.

Take time and look through sites, social media and get to know the photographer you like the look of.

After months of learning, training and some mentoring from some of the top photographers in the country I have learnt a lot! And I'm still learning from taking a picture to giving you the best customer service I can. I believe in being open and honest on both sides and never pressure into up selling any of my packages or products.

Fancy having a chat? Then contact me today.

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