What's next?

This is the question on so many peoples lips. The guidelines hope to keep close ones safe while helping couples plan their big day. However policies, contracts and bookings filling up with suppliers is making things so much harder. As with many others, this is a huge learning curve for me to guide couples to an outcome that ensures they have their day. I've pulled together a few tips that I hope will help you in your plans: Moving dates The big decision: do you go ahead with the 15 people allowed over the next six months, have a party later on or postpone for a bigger wedding. The main thing to keep clear is to not feel pressured into doing something for others. What do you want deep down?

And so it continues...

Looking back over the last few months still seems like a really bad dream. COVID has well and truly turned our lives upside down in ways we couldn't imagine. At every point there seems to be new blockers, new processes and confusion that stops us from doing what we used to do. For example, the wedding bookings I had in the diary have been moved or completely cancelled along with a number of events I normally document. I've missed the interactions of others, especially now that I have been serviced (a term my dad has used since my operation) and I could really let my hair down rather than watch everything I did. The first couple of months where the hardest. I spent my birthday in the flat wit

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