Part 2- Getting wedding ready: my style

Since such a young age, I have always had a huge interest in photography. My close family members work in the media so it seemed fitting I follow in their footsteps in Journalism. However it became clear in my teenage years that I was more of a hands on creative type rather than a writer. Over my adult years, after uni, I picked up the camera on a regular basis starting with a compact and then moving onto my first DSLR. It was the best thing I ever did. After taking pictures of nearly everything I could, I realised I wanted more so I invested what I could into training , joining online groups and going out with friends; using them as models. This brings us to the last two years. After buildi

Part 1-Getting wedding ready: the costs

Firstly, a huge congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! The planning stage can be the most exciting time leading up to your big day, but can also be one of the toughest as you start the selection process for your cake, photographer and, of course, the wedding parties outfits. Choosing your photographer is a huge challenge, there are so many of us out there with different styles and we work so differently. In four blogs, I will be talking more about the way I work, my particular style, planning with your photographer and an insight into the overall costs of what is included. So, let's start with the tough one-costs. When looking into budgets, it's always best to check the following with yo

Something a bit different

After seeing my friend tagged in something on Facebook, I just knew it was a photo shoot idea we had to do to celebrate her 30th birthday. With just a few days to plan the shoot, we had a small window to do it in. When the day came, we where all set. Then came the weather.....we had this idea of doing it outdoors and checked the conditions which where perfect all round. Alas, that was not the case on the morning. With just an hour to go, there was one last thing for me to try. My friend Andrew who runs Saracens House studios in Old Stratford managed to offer his space for the time we needed. What a knight in shining armour! The shoot turned out so much better than expected and hope I can do

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